Your guest book

Guest book

Most photo booth hire companies will provide a guest book as standard although you may decide to provide your own. You might want one that goes with the wedding album that you’ve chosen with your photographer. But perhaps you just don’t like the guest books that you are offered.

Your guest book

is going to hold all the photos from your photo booth hire – hopefully! Alongside the photos there should be messages from your guests. Most photo booth companies will ensure that the booth butler is also in charge of this part of your package, although that’s not always the case. We get so much positive feedback from customers who’ve spent hours browsing through the album on their honeymoon. Your wedding photographer will provide the photos in a photo album (some time) after your day. Our guest books should be in your hands at the end of the evening!

What do you need for your guest book table?

  • It doesn’t really matter who provides the guest book table – it can be the photo booth provider or, more likely, the venue.
  • Any guest book table ought to be covered with a cloth. Perhaps this is provided by the venue. Or the photo booth hire company itself. The table needs to be at the right height and placed somewhere within reach of the photo booth itself.
  • The photo booth hire company will bring pens and glue if they provide the photo album. If they don’t – make sure you do. Some provide stickers and fun things like that to go with the text.
  • You should consider getting a sign – “Please remember to put your photos in our guest book” – that sort of thing.
  • A vase of flowers – or something similar. Perhaps think about using one of the centre pieces from your wedding breakfast.


I’m sure you’ll think of a few things to add to this list.

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