Weddings and COVID19

Weddings and COVID-19 - this is what we are missing!

Once again we are beginning to see the end of another lockdown and weddings and COVID19 are in the news. And once again weddings are at the end of the queue for relief or help or a plan. For the last 8 months we – and more generally the hospitality industry – have been on hold. Despite academic findings that show that transmission rates to be amongst the lowest during our sorts of events. Weddings, in particular, are once in a lifetime, unique events, planned over months and years, the culmination of an old life, and the beginning of another.

We, and our sister company, The Party Photo Booth will still be here when the vaccine is rolled out. But it’s hard to be so long without direction or support. Like many, we are excluded from most support schemes (we do have a rateable garage) so there has been no income. But to see that sporting events of up to 4,000 (or 50%) can go ahead but weddings are still restricted to 15 – that makes no sense. And 3 households meeting up for Christmas – that could easily be more than 15 people!

We’re aware that this might be a bit more political than sits well with our blog – but this is a very political decision.

Weddings and COVID19 – we need to be trusted to provide COVID-safe events!



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