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THE most important day of your life requires careful planning and that is no less important when it comes to the entertainment you choose.


Because when people talk about your day, when you share memories with your husband in the years to come, it probably won’t be the dress and shoes that get remembered but the tangibles – the things you can touch.

Photographs are a prime example; they will be with you (hopefully) for the rest of your life, always around to remind you of THE day. Your favourites may go up on the mantelpiece or on the walls. They’ll be talking points with your kids and your friends. That funny one of your parents, dressed up in ways you never thought possible? That first photos of those friends who went on to get married? All these and more are the reason you want a photographs of your day.

And there’s a difference between the photos taken by a professional photographer and those you’ll get from a Luxury Booth Wedding photo booth hire. Don’t get us wrong – we are not in any way in competition with the professional photographer. He or she is hired for most of the day – from getting dressed to the first dance, has unlimited access to you all and produces some stunning images for you. We’ve seen them and drooled!

What are we about?

A Luxury Booth Wedding photo booth hire is all about the fun element – where people get to let their hair down, dress up and have some serious fun. We bring the props, we bring the booth butler and we bring the advice – as close as we can we aim for a studio portrait experience – at least for the first one! What guests do when they’re relaxed is up to them!

Because whilst it’s about your day but it’s also about your guests – you want them to have fun and fill your guest book with photographic memories & comments that stay forever (we’ll give you the USB disk with all the images at the end of the evening).

We don’t want to brag – so we let our photographs speak for themselves. You’ll find them on our Facebook page and on the menu links on the right.

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