Can we have another go? Unlimited visits come as standard

January 16, 2019 | news

Unlimited visits have been part of our standard offering since the beginning.  Photo booths have been around now for quite a long time.  Tey must be close to celebrating a 10 year anniversary.  We started in 2011 and I know that were photo booth hire companies around even then.  From memory, I'd guess there were about 3 locally and possibly as many as 20 nationally. Nawadays you trip over them in any sort of search!  And, of course, competition is good.  Good for the customer since it generally means more choice and more prices, and good for the industry as well.

Unlimited visits

But recently more and more guests have come up to us asking "Can we have another go?"  It seems that some photo booth hire companies out there are enforcing a strict 1 visit per person policy.  Quite how they police that at big events I have no idea.  And yet - the whole idea of a photo booth at a celebration (of any sort) is, surely - unlimited visits!  And unlimited visits for all - whether children or grannies, everyone should be able to go in as many times as they want and with whoever they want! Simples! Unlimited visits




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