Unlimited prints – what’s that worth to you & your guests?

Unlimited prints – where you get a copy of the print out for each person in the booth.  How valuable is that for you and your guests?

Normally photo booth hire companies will limit the number of prints during the event in a number of ways.  They may state simply that there are only Xx number of prints per session.  They may not even state that.  Or they may make it an option to have more prints – as an upgrade.  Finally, they may only offer passwort style photos.  When there is a photo album (either provided by the hire company or by the host), one of the print outs will go into that.  Which leaves one copy for you guests.  Which really isn’t enough!  AND IT’S TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!

We offer unlimited prints as standard for all our quotes.  Assuming there is a photo album – if there are 2 people in the booth then we’ll print 3 copies.  If there are 5 people in the booth then we’ll print out 6 copies.

Unlimited prints

The number of times we’ve seen little disagreements between guests as to who gets to keep the print out!

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