Surbiton High School Boat Club Dinner 2018 at the Lensbury Club

All the photos taken at the Surbiton High School Boat Club Dinner on the 2nd of March 2018 have now been archived. The event took place at The Lensbury Club. You can find the school on twitter under @SurbitonHigh and the rowing club under @SurbitonRowing and @SHSBlades. Our Surbiton photo booth hire is popular for all events!

Surbiton School Boat club is a relative newcomer to the world of rowing. However it already boasts an Olympic champion as an alumni – unfortunately we were too busy to listen to the speeches in full.

Surbiton High school has a long history of providing educational opportunities for girls. They started in 1884 and now have seven sites and includes a boys junior school up to the ages of 11.

For this event we brought along our traditional booth. It’s always popular with any age group. A quick review shows how popular it was with the children and parents.

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Trees – the most effective way of capturing carbon

We also brought along the tree certificate with us – as part of our own green efforts, we buy a tree from the Woodland Trust. It is dedicated into one of the woods that they are re-foresting. The Woodland are currently re-planting lots of woodlands across the country. They are managing approximately 850 sites covering over 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) in England with more than 80 woods in Scotland and over 100 woodlands in Wales.

The school chose the Hucking estate for their tree. At the Hucking Estate, very close to Maidstone, they’re planting thousands of Ash trees. Tree planting as extensive as this would appear to be a waste of time and effort. The saplings are not protected in any way from Ash Dieback. However the Woodland Trust are banking on the fact that some will be naturally resistant to the disease. They will then be able to analyse those in order to be able to protect future ash trees. Given how prevalent Ash trees are to our environment we must all hope that this is successful – and quickly!

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