Sopley Mill photo booth hire for Jamie and Jessie

Here you’ll find some of the photos taken during the wedding reception for Jessie & Jaimie using our Sopley Mill photo booth hire service. Everything else has been archived – please contact us directly.

Sopley Mill is a recent discovery for us.  Set away from the bustle of Bournemouth and Christchurch, this is a very exclusive venue.  You’ll find us downstairs close to the ground floor bar.  You’ll find Sopley on the Ringwood to Christchurch road,set back from the road, on a 1000 sqm island.  Surrounded by the River Avon, it’s totally private.

Mill Lane, Sopley BH23 7AU Telephone 01425 672586

For this booking, Jessie chose to have our greenscreen technology expertise.  We now have thousands of greenscreen images in our database which gives added depth to our offering.  We aim to be able to fulfill any reqsonable request for an image within hours and one day, perhaps we’ll put it all up on our website.

There are a few rules with regards greenscreen;

it pays to alert your guests!

Any image that you choose needs to be copyright free; this is very important when looking at Disney and similar images.  But it’s generally true across the board, as well.