Newbury photo booth hire

These are some of the photos from Sam & Louisa’s wedding reception, held at Blacklebury, near Reading (although we used our Newbury photo booth hire service).  The party was held in a marquee.  After the main meal, and before the first dance, Louisa’s father let off the most impressive firework display.  It was just brilliant – certainly the best we’ve seen all summer!  There were about 200 guests throughout the evening

We have traditional booths as well as Magic Mirror and selfie pods.  Sam & Louisa chose our traditional booth – see below..

Newbury photo booth hire

The beauty of our traditional booth is that there is some privacy (although perhaps too much some times!).  And, of course, it looks and feels as a photo booth ought to.

Some party hosts have chosen the Magic mirror or the selfie pod. aThey choose to dispense with the backdrop and use the party itself Personally, we think that’s not the best way.  The beauty of putting a subject against a solid background (as we’ve done here) is that the llight has nowhere to go but to the subject.  Without a background, the light is dffused and, additionally, whatever is happening in the background will detract from the photograph itself.

“Bucklebury was a royal manor owned by Edward the Confessor (reigned 1042–66).[2] The village and parish church are recorded in the Domesday Bookof 1086.[2] Henry I (reigned 1100–35) granted Bucklebury to the Cluniac Reading Abbey, which retained it until it surrendered all its lands to the Crown in the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1540.[2]

The place-name ‘Bucklebury’ is first attested in the Domesday Book of 1086, where it appears as Borgeldeberie, which means ‘Burghild’s fortified place or borough’ (‘Burghild’ is a woman’s name).” Buckleberry from Wikipedia