Roberta and Michael’s wedding celebrations at Rockbeare Manor

Guests in the photo booth with a white background

All the photos taken with our Rockbeare Manor photo booth hire – now archived. We enabled video and also provided greenscreen backgrounds. Roberta and Michael had a humanist wedding ceremony led by Siren & Sailor Weddings. There was other entertainment – a glitter table, a full sized Tardis and Dizney Rascal. They must be the best – and perhaps the only – Disney appreciation band in the world!

Our Rockbeare Manor photo booth hire service

This always goes down well – even with so much competition! This time we were in the main hall, opposite the dining area. This could have been a noise problem but our booth butlers are well trained to be quiet and responsible. Once set up we were busy throughout the evening. Placing us there put us close to the bar and within striking distance of the band.

Our traditional photo booth proves to be perennially popular with brides, party planners and hosts generally. Roberta & Michael chose our green screen and video booth upgrades. They also chose a hire time of 4 hours – we sometimes run promotions or special deals during the year. Roberta managed to capture on of these – we don’t ever run the promotions for long.

When running the video booth upgrade our booth butlers always encourage the guests to leave a video message. They’ll generally do that for at least the first hour of the hire period. After that we generally find that guests are more interested in “just photos, please” or they’ve already left a video message. The video booth upgrade is always popular – but we can’t be responsible for the content of the videos!

We’ll always leave the photo album with the bride (or a bridesmaid).  Additionally, we’ll get all the data files sent out within 72 hours of the event.

The bride and groom enjoying a quiet moment - Rockbeare Manor photo booth hire

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