Proms and Leavers’ parties

It sometimes feels to our booth butlers that all we do at this time of year are proms and leavers parties. Everyone – parents, staff and pupils – lets their hair down with relief that it’s all over!  And their enthusiasm for a photo booth knows no bounds!  This year (2019) we’ve done more than ever, as these sorts of celebrations become more “usual”.  It’s great to be part of something so important to the pupils and to get to meet them.  Always interesting to hear what they want to do next – when (if!) we ever get a chance to chat between sessions.
But let’s not forget that any party of any sort needs planning and for someone to have made the decisions.  In about 75% of our bookings our first contact is by a pupil. I’m sure I wouldn’t have wanted the responsibility at that age!  Suffice to say, we don’t chase for decisions quite as much when a pupil makes an enquiry.  After all, they may still be dealing with exams.  But we do need to get decisions about the photo layout, as well as a few other crucial details.

3 students at a proms and Leavers' parties - with a few signs and props.

Our standard Prom or Leavers party will give you

3 hours hire

We’ll provide a full design service for your print outs so that you get what you want – we’re not a one size fits all sort of company.

Props – we bring along a wide selection of props (hats, wigs, glasses etc) for everyone to use.

At least one booth butler will be there throughout the hire period.

Unlimited visits to the booth during the hire.

2 prints

Photo album (we bring pens and glue)

Online Gallery via our web site (password protected).

Touchscreen system with Colour or black & white options.

We most commonly get asked to upgrade the prints number to unlimited (so everyone who goes in the booth gets their own copy).

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