Photo booth hire sales now on!

December 30, 2018

It’s that time of year where you can pretty much guarantee that someone, somewhere is advertising photo booth hire sales.  The spring is generally a pretty slow time in our industry.  Christmas has been and gone and everyone is counting the cost.  So it makes sense to try and fill the books and, if you, the punter is lucky, you may well get a special price.

What’s been noticeable in our industry recently, however, is the number of photo booth hire companies going out of business.  There are all sorts of reasons why this might be happening.  Personal circumstances is most often mentioned.  Which may well be true.  But what also seems to be true is that the newest companies are the ones selling up.  The long established ones – we’ve been going since 2011 – are generally sticking around.

The last two or three years have been instructive

The impression we’ve gained over the last two or three years is that, as the cost of buying a photo booth has collapsed – so have prices to hire.  That’s great for the end user but there is always a point at which it is uneconomic.  And a lot of the newer companies have done just that – offered photo booth hire at low prices in order to build market, or just simply to be busy.

When we first started in 2011, hiring a photo booth for 3 hours would typically cost around £600.  Now the same photo booth service is being offered at £200 or less.  The economics of photo booth hire haven’t really changed but the reduction in price – justified or not – has meant only one thing.  Less investment.  Less investment in labour, materials, repairs, spares …..  It all means a (potentially) worse service for the customer.

I’m not suggesting that photo booth hire sales are not a good idea – but do be careful out there that the offer is just too good to be true.

photo booth hire sales

Don’t be starry eyed about the prices!




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