Personalise your layout

We like to encourage our clients to personalise their layout. Why? Because the day is all about you and it’s high time you took centre stage!

But what are the options?

Let’s start with the basics first. How many photographs do you want? Traditionally we’ve done 4 but, provided there is space, there’s no reason why you can’t have more – or less. To bear in mind though! The more photos you have the fewer sessions we can do (but we offer extended hours at very reasonable rates).

With the second example (we call it a strip) your booth butler will make sure that the strip is cut in two with one half going in your photo album.

Colour is KEY!

Combining the right colour with the design is crucial.  You may already have a colour theme you are using for your event.  We generally suggest putting a border around the pictures (as in the 2nd example).  This helps to make them stand out a bit more.  For example, a black background to the print out and a white border around the pictures – they’ll stand out!  It’s worth thinking also about the background you have in the booth.  If you have our green screen option (the 2nd example again), then consider how that will work with your print out colour.  Generally we use a red, white or black background colour inside the booth if it’s not a green screen event.

Solid colours – red, black, white etc – look great with simple designs.  Half tones, on the other hand add a depth and range of colour to your background.

Personalise your layout

That’s the crucial bits done!

Now, can you add more to personalise your layout?  How about adding a few images of your favourite things, perhaps an image you used on your invitations?  And of course there’s the text font to consider.

You can personalise your layout any way you want.

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