Parties Gallery

Parties! Everyone has them – for birthdays, for Bar Mitzvahs, for Bat Mitzvahs, for the sheer hell of it! They’re moments when you and your buddies, your family, get together and let your hair down.
And the morning after? Well then you’ve got your memories (and perhaps a hangover) and perhaps lots of photos on lots of phones of everyone doing outrageous things.
That’s a shame then!


Simples – phone photographs typically don’t get printed, often get lost (or you don’t know they exist), and sometimes get erased.

A Luxury Booth party photo booth hire makes the difference – all our photos are printed out there and then, they’re touch dry and they create a real buzz to the party.
We encourage everyone to go in as many times as they like (no limit to the number of visits) and we’ll give a copy of the set of photos within about 20 seconds*. We’ll put together a photo album – provided as part of or inclusive package – with the second copy of the print outs and encourage everyone to leave a message with their photos (pens and glue included, naturally).

Our Luxury Booth parties photo booth hire experience has an enviable reputation for bringing the fun to the party and for pampering your guests – all our photo booths have curtains so that your guests can feel comfortable and relaxed – cue some fabulous, spontaneous photos!

We don’t want to brag – so we let our photographs speak for themselves. You’ll find them on our Facebook page and on the menu links on the right.

*We should point out that we always print out unlimited sets of the photos – one set for each guest in teh frame and one set for the photo album – so 5 guests in the photo= 6 print outs. Guests sometime ask for more copies and where we can we’ll print out more – and we also put all the photos up on our Facebook page and onto our web site (as you can see) so that they can be printed out from there.