Mr & Mrs Simmons wedding celebrations at Egypt Mill

Bride and groom with a green screen background and a few signs

We were lucky enough to provide our photo booth at Egypt Mill for Louise’s wedding reception. We’ve placed the images in our archives.

A really big Thank you to all the staff at Egypt Mill for all their help throughout the night – and wow! was it hot! One of those days where all the windows are open and you still can’t get a breeze. Whilst we all enjoy a hot day it’s not always so good for us photo boothers. Especially if we are using an enclosed booth. What with the lights and the curtains it can get stifling in there. And, of course, it can lead to printer melt down if we’re not careful.

All our packages

include a full design service as standard, along with an extensive prop box, at least one booth butler, unlimited visits to the booth by anyone during the hire time and, of course, a photo album. We will also buy a tree from the Woodland Trust and dedicate it to the person(s) of your choice – we’ve all heard about global warming and trees are, apparently, the best way to extract & store carbon.

The specifics for each package (on top of the above):

Our Gold package will always provide you with 3 hours continuous hire & unlimited prints. We also include green screen backgrounds (there are defined backgrounds to the images). We also include video booth technology – so you can have video recordings of your guests for all time. Finally, we also provide our Party Print solution (we set up a mini WiFi network linked to a printer. Your guests need to download a (free) app from the Google Store & log on to our network). This will allow them to print out any photos on their phones that they have taken that day.

Our Silver package will also always provide you with 3 hours continuous hire. However it only provides for 2 prints – and no green screen or video or Party Print.

Our Bronze package is the same as the Silver package but only allows for 2 hours continuous hire.

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