Michael & Abigail’s wedding celebrations at the Weald of Kent Golf Course

All the photos taken during Abby’s wedding celebrations at the Weald of Kent Golf Course, using our Maidstone photo booth hire service are archived.  The image below is just one of the many that we took during the evening.

The Weald of Kent Golf Course is a brief drive from Maidstone itself and has a dedicated and very professional wedding planner. Abby booked us almost exactly a year prior to her big day – something that we’d like to encourage! Photo booths are perennially popular for weddings and trying for a last minute booking risks disappointment. As one of the guests said – “What’s a wedding without a photo booth?”

Each photo booth hire package is somewhat unique to each event that we do. This means that some are for four hours hire. Events may be for three. Some want green screen. Some want video and green screen. Currently we are doing over 150 events per year and rising – we have traditional booths and open style booths. For this particular event we were there for four hours in total and, of course, bought a tree from the Woodland Trust and dedicated it to the host.

Our traditional booth

We have traditional booths as well as Magic Mirror and selfie pods. Abby chose our traditional booth from the beginning.

Our traditional photo booth with black surround

The beauty of our traditional booth is that there is some privacy (although perhaps too much some times!). And, of course, it looks and feels as a photo booth ought to.

Some party hosts have chosen the Magic mirror or the selfie pod. They choose to dispense with the backdrop and use the party itself Personally, we think that’s not the best way. The beauty of putting a subject against a solid background (as we’ve done here) is that the light has nowhere to go but to the subject. Without a background, the light is diffused and, additionally, whatever is happening in the background will detract from the photograph itself.

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