Looking back to where we started

Looking back - and forward

The start of a new year – and decade – is always a good time to be looking back to where we started – and where we want to go.  We are now coming up to our ten year anniversary and so much has changed.  Not just in the photo booth world but in the entertainment industry.  Do you remember the “Trashing wedding dresses” trend from 2013?  Very glad that hasn’t really caught on!  Fast forward to 2014 and Blush pink was THE standout colour.  And GLITTER!  We still remember the wedding we did where they had glitter bombs!  And boy – did it take a while to get that out of our props and booths! Fast forward to 2017 and it seemed to become the norm for local produce to feature heavily in the menus.  Going forward I think we’re going to see a big push towards vegan / vegetarian inspired events – I wonder how that one will pan out!

And of course back in 2010 photo booths were the big thing!  They still are but now there are so many different types of photo booth to hire.  Open, Closed, Retro, Vintage, Pod, Mirror ….. You name it someone probably has one.  One thing that has change significantly is the number of photo booth hire companies.  When we started there were, we think, about twenty other companies offering photo booths – in the country.  Now it feels like there are that many in any decent sized town!

But one thing hasn’t changed ….

One thing that hasn’t changed is those companies offering wonderful, eye-watering prices for their product – who then disappear with the cash.  It’s been a constant for us for the last few years – last minute desperate  party hosts / brides looking for a photo booth because they’ve been “let down”.  Not saying that every case is a scam but – if the price looks too good to be believable – it probably is!

We wrote this blog in January 2020. Then “lock down”, “social distancing”, “COVID” were all unknown to the vast majority of us! Our industry has, as you would expect, changed out of all recognition. We have had to furlough almost everyone whilst we waited out the lock down. The last event we did (as LuxuryBooth) was at the end of January 2020. And then – as I’m sure everyone experienced – everything stopped.

No enquiries

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Now, at last, it looks like we’re over the worst & there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. We so hope so as we want to get back to doing what we do so well – bringing the fun and laughter to your event!


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