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Luxurybooth is a premier photo booth hire company now based in Dorset.  We believe in bringing the party to you – along with our exemplary service.

Service is very important in any industry – but especially in ours where we are dealing with once-in-a-lifetime events.  It’s not enough to have a fantastic idea or a brilliant web site.  That’s nothing without the backup and the infrastructure to provide the poduct, at a competitive price and to a very high standard.

Why should that matter to you?

If we were on a price comparison site (we’re not and never will be), then you’d probably find us by searching by price and not much else would matter.  A price comparison site won’t tell you about experience, local knowledge or anything else that adds value to your purchase.  And that is exactly what we do – we add value to what we do because of our long experience in the Photo booth market.

Too many companies try to emulate that and still provide that service cheaply.  The fact is that experience counts for a lot and having the infrastructure to carry through on our promises makes us stand out.

We operate throughout the Home Counties and the West of England and provide a photo booth hire service to venues throughout that area.  And whilst that seems to give us a wide area to cover we can do so as we have depots and booth butlers scattered around the area (and booth butlers prepared to travel) so that we can bring the fun, laughter and our experience to your event.

Our quotes are all-inclusive (we don’t do eye catching deals and then upgrade you) and by all-inclusive we really do mean that – everything down to and including the mileage.

We publish most of what we do onto our Facebook page.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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