Laura & Miguel’s wedding reception at Grittleton House

Kissing bride and groom in our photo booth during their wedding reception at Grittleton House

Huge congratulations to Laura & Miguel!  Here are some of the photos taken during their wedding reception at Grittleton House.  Our Chippenham photo booth hire service went down a storm, once again!  And Grittleton House looked dreamy – it has to be one of our favourite venues.

The bride and groom celebrating in our photo booth during their wedding reception at Grittleton House.

We brought along our traditional photo booth for this event and we put it outside the bar area.  So everyone could see it!  It was, as you can see, very popular with all age groups.  It’s worth noting that our booth butlers can not have children on their own in the photo booth.  The children! cannot enter the photo booth without an adult – not, to be fair, an onerous “duty”.

Full design service

We offer a full design service with all our packages. That means that we contact the bride at least 1 week before to confirm the details for our participation.  Plans do change over time after all. It’s also our chance to discuss the layout design (and green screens if in the package).  That is, if we haven’t already done this. The prints will be going into the photo album – a treasured keepsake from the day! Something to look back on in the years to come. If you look back over our previous events, you’ll see that the designs are different.  We hope that they stand out and are noticeable.

What do we want?

We want our print outs to be on fridge doors, tucked into photo albums for years to come.  But KEPT!  Imagine going to a party with a photo booth – and not getting the print out!  We know that some offer this “service” but, as we always say – preserve your memories in print!  Digital files are all very well and good.  But technology changes, data gets corrupted, accidentally wiped ….   A print out is physical and personal.

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