Imogen, Toby & Otto – Durrington photo booth hire

Our photo booth with white surround and butler

Durrington photo booth hire – Imogen, Toby & Otto

All the photos taken with our Durrington photo booth hire service are now archived. The party was for Imogen, Toby & Otto to celebrate the end of summer. It was also a get-together before everyone went to new senior schools. We brought along our traditional booth along with our green screen images and our video booth upgrade.

If you’d like any of the photos blown up to 6 x 8 size (and with the watermark removed, of course) please get in touch with the office.

Who got to take most of the photos?

You might notice that the majority of the photos are of the children – the parents didn’t get much of a look in!

“It’s their memories and this is their photo album – something they will look back on when they are older”.

That is a really crucial point that we try to highlight again and again; photos are the memories of the event – but they need printing out quickly in order to keep the memories fresh. And that is where our photo booth comes into its own.

Instant print outs plus a free photo album means that everyone can see the photos as they get passed around the party (and it encourages everyone else to have a go as well).

Durrington photo booth hire

Our photo booth hire service is always popular in Wiltshire – with parents, brides and party planners. It gives you one great price (no hidden extras) which includes everything everyone wants in one great package. And that’s important – life is complicated enough as it is without having to decide which add-ons you want. And whether that is worth the extra cost. With all our years of experience in both the photo booth industry and the general entertainment market itself we’ve come up with a great package which ticks all the boxes – our Durrington photo booth hire service wouldn’t be so popular otherwise!

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