Hybrid vehicles and photo booth hire service

Hybrid vehicles are the way to deliver our service!

You may already have read in previous posts that we use hybrid vehicles when delivering our photo booth hire service.  Just to be clear, a hybrid vehicle is one which uses petrol and an on-board battery.  The petrol engine recharges the on-board battery so that it is self contained.  We use Hybrid vehicles, wherever possible, to deliver our photo booth hire service.


Well, firstly we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the environment.  A hybrid vehicle significantly reduces our carbon pollution.  To add to this, we also buy a tree from the Woodland Trust for most of the events we do.  There is also a significant monetary saving when driving a hybrid vehicle.  Typically we see readings of 60 to 70 miles per gallon.  Compare that with the normal mpg readings of 30 to 40 mpg.  That helps us to keep our pricing competitive and re-invest in our business.

We could, of course, stick with vans and the like.  And be the same as everyone.  But that really isn’t our way.  But especially with this Covid-19 virus we’re hoping that this will, in some way, re-set our relationship with travel and green issues in general.  It’s certainly been an eye opener as to how quiet it has been, and the reduction in the carbon foot print.

Hybrid or electric vehicles are definitely the way to go!

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