Green screen parties

Green screen parties

Let’s start by clearing up a few things.  Green screen parties (or greenscreen) arenot suitable for every party, do have some rules and are great fun!

Green screen parties

So, what are green screen parties – and what is green screen?  Green screen is essentially when you replace the real background within the booth with a digitally created background.  It’s a post-production effect (so the computer handles it) for layering two images together.  It’s all based on chroma colours.  Green & blue are most commonly used as they differ most from human hues.  If you want to know more there’s a good article on Wikipedia & of course, through a Goggle search.

Turn this ….


Green screen parties

Into this!!

What are the pitfalls?

Good effective green screen needs a few key elements; obviously a green (or blue) background, great lighting, images and software.  We use Breeze with all our booths (open or closed) – but of course there are other software packages available! The green screen (or blue) cloth needs to be non-reflective & the lighting needs to be of a high quality.  It’s essential that there is little or no contrast (where one area is lit better than another).

There is also a copy right issue that we need to highlight.  It is illegal to use images without their owners permission.  In these days where everything is on the web, and a google search throws up thousands of images, it’s easy to forget this.  And, it must be said, some people and organisations are more protective than others.  The Disney Corporation springs to mind.  You may have come across Shutterstock – they have many royalty free images but also act to protect the copyright rights of their clients.

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