Gold, Silver or Bronze? Some guidance to our booths and packages

Our packages
We’re not a “one size fits all” sort of company. Having said that, we do offer packages. And these are often a starting point for many customers. We also have different sorts of booths and customers often ask for help and guidance. There’s a feeling in some quarters that you should only use X booth for Y type of event.
So let’s get that issue out of the way first. In our experience NO event calls for a specific booth type. I’d qualifiy that by saying that some booths are a better FIT for an event. We wouldn’t recommend using a Mirror booth instead of a Pod for a child’s birthday party, for example. An enclosed booth does appeal to the shyer type of guest – and, of course, there is a limit to the number in the shot. An open booth is great for group events – Christmas parties, for example – where the big group shot is important. There’s one thing to bear in mind. The Open booths are just that! So placing them away from the DJ’s lights and noise makes absolute sense!

All our packages

All our packages include a full design service as standard. They’ll include an extensive prop box. There will always be at least one booth butler on site at all times. Our most popular package – the Silver package – includes a photo album. We will also buy a tree from the Woodland Trust. This gets dedicated to the person(s) of your choice. We’ve all heard about global warming and trees are one of the best ways to extract & store carbon.

The specifics for each package (on top of the above):

Our Gold package will always provide you with 3 hours continuous hire. It comes with unlimited prints. We also include green screen backgrounds (there backgrounds to the images). We also include video booth technology – so you can have video recordings of your guests for all time. Finally, we also provide our Party Print solution (we set up a mini Wifi network linked to a printer. Your guests need to download a (free) app from the Google Store & log on to our network). This will allow them to print out any photos on their phones that they have taken that day.

Our Silver package will also always provide you with 3 hours continuous hire. Please note that it only provides for 2 prints – and no green screen or video or Party Print.

Our Bronze package is the same as the Silver package but only allows for 2 hours continuous hire.

Please note that, since the Mirror booth is open, it is essential that it is placed well away from the disco lights and noise. A similar consideration applies to the video option.

Just saying – we’ve been providing photo booths for hire since 2011 – it’s what we know best!

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