Gallery of Past Events

Here you can take a look at some of the images that have made it to our site. We do publish all images unless otherwise requested, but they only stay on for a limited amount of time.  If you can’t find your event or if you’d like to purchase an image from the gallery please do get in touch.


Time for you to started thinking about your theme, what would you do?

Perhaps you have a certain colour scheme in mind, or the party is along a certain theme.  Let us know so that we can help to bring your plans to fruition.  We’ve been providing photo booth hire since 2010 and have built up an extensive prop box bank, backdrops, designs for print outs …. you name it.  That number of past events have also given us the experience and knowledge to make your event go with a bang!

Past events

Some of our props – after some guests had been in the booth! Your booth butler will make time to keep these tidy.


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