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COVID-19 – Oh for those long ago days when all we had to worry about was getting to an event! Now there is so much more we do – almost without thinking – to prepare for events.

COVID-19 has had a massive impact across the whole economy, of course. It’s changed who we are & how we live and, whilst it’s not the first global pandemic, it is going to have long term effects.

Currently (September 2020), the entertainment industry is the one still in virtual lockdown. Theatres closed, clubs shuttered and weddings kept small. No singing and dancing, no more than 30 guests, bubbles & the 2m rule. You can go to the pub or a restaurant but thousands of weddings have been postponed. The last is not surprising, of course, because weddings are about celebrating. A special day, large groups, and alcohol.

As a photo booth company, we are well into celebrating whatever the occasion is! But operating a photo booth the “old” way will, almost inevitably, break at least one rule (2m). And probably several others, Even a Mirror booth or an open booth risks the 2m rule.

So what’s changed?

First of all, for a start, we ask the party host to confirm that it will be a COVID compliant event. We also agree with them the type of props that we will provide. And, as of now, we make it clear that the booth butler will be wearing a face mask at all times. We don’t insist on gloves (although some butlers do).

During an event the booth the butler runs the booth much more than usual. We don’t insist that everyone wears masks but we will make sure that the booth butler is the one to start the session. We try, as much as possible, to clean the props after each use but this isn’t always practical. The props will not include wigs or masks or anything like that. Sometimes the host brings along some disposable props. Those we’ll incorporate into what we bring. We’ll also bring along hand sanitizer for anyone to use if they want.

What’s also changed is that we give our booth butlers permission to leave an event early. Speaking for myself, I find this one the most difficult. We are not the police and we are not the ones to enforce the rules. However, if they feel the event is clearly breaking COVID-19 rules then they must be able to. This is a hard one to judge, to be honest and we insist that they discuss this with the head office before they do so.

Our sister company – The Party Photo Booth – also blog about events they do – read one here

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