Copyright issues

There are copyright issues surrounding photographs that we should talk about.  Remember that picture of the monkey taking a selfie?  That’s what we’re talking about here.  Macaca monkey self portrait

This was the image that prompted a public debate and eventually ended up in court.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous and all have cameras – some are better cameras than your traditional DSLR.  And everywhere we go presents photographic possibilities or something we want to record for posterity.  For example,2 on a personal level, we recently managed to get a step-son outside for a walk with our dogs.  That had to be recorded and shared!  We draw the line at photographing the food we eat but we encourage our booth butlers to get a photo of the photo booth set up and the venue where possible.  So the image below is from an event we did recently at the Swan Hotel in Wells, Somerset.

Photo booth all set up at the Swan Hotel, Wells (Somerset)

That’s getting rather far off the subject of this blog!  The ownership of a photo lies at the heart of the issue for all photographers and, on the face of it, it’s a simple issue.  If you press the shutter – you own the result.  That kind of makes sense and is why you can share photos of where you are, who you are with etc etc on Social media.

This is also true for us as photo boothers but also something that raises questions from our clients.  Your booth butler is always going to encourage the guests to dress up and get into the booth.  At the same time they are also going to make sure that they start the photo session – after explaining what’s going to happen if necessary.

So what does that mean?

By doing it that way we can own the end result and publish it – as we point out in our terms and conditions.  However there are, of course, those who do not want their images “out there” and we respect that.  Groups such as teachers or members of the Armed Forces will almost always request that we don’t publish anything.  Although there are copyright issues around photo booth hire – and it’s important to both parties – hopefully that’s cleared it up a bit.




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