All about Party Print – now you can print out photos from your day to our printer.

Party Print

What on earth is Party Print you may well ask!  Put simply, it is a program we use to enable anyone to print from their phones!  I hasten to add that this is NOT our own program.   It is a program we bought from DNP who manufacture printers and everything to do with printing.  They also manufacture the DNP range of dye-sub printers that many photo booth companies use in their photo booths.

Party print

How do I use Party Print?

The software is really easy to use – all your guests need to do is download the (free) software from the Google Store.  They log onto the Party Print wifi (that we create) & select an existing picture.  Or they can take a new picture whilst in the program.  Tell the software to print it.


The program has been around for quite a long time – it’s not the only software out there.  Everyone takes photos on their phones nowadays – but they don’t print them.  Case in point recently – we were at a wedding and the photographer failed to turn up!  Disaster!  But with our Party Print running in the background all the guests were able to print out photos to their hearts content.  It was almost more popular than the buffet!

We ought to point out that Party Print is nothing to do with party dresses or stuff like that!

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