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We thought we should talk about us and where we’ve been since we started 2011.

Luxury Booth started out in humble beginnings. We originally set up in 2011, keen & enthusiastic! Like most new businesses we were not really sure if this would catch on. Having bought our first photo booth, we started advertising at local wedding fairs.

Gradually we won a flow of customers. By offering a bespoke service, and through recommendations alone, our company grew and grew.

Buy out and transfer to the South Coast

Fast forward to 2014 and we were bought out by The Party Photo Booth Company Limited who were based down in Dorset. Both companies had the same ethos – customer first and last. Almost nothing else matters. We now operate nationwide but still operate using the same morals as from our early days.

Photo booth hire becomes more and more popular & competition is always on the increase. What is it that makes Luxury Booth & The Party Photo Booth stand out from the crowd? We believe that it is our bespoke service and the professional studio equipment that goes into each and every one of our photo booths. That and our complete focus on the customer needs and wants.

We’re still a family owned company and now can offer open and closed booths. This is what we do – we’re not a weekend warrior! We invest heavily in our products, people and business generally.

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