A few tips to consider before making a booking for a photo booth

The photo booth in full use!

A few tips to consider before making a booking for a photo booth. There are so many photo booth hire companies around nowadays! How do you know who will get your visiion? Who will provide the quality (at the price you need)?

No one knows all the answers so we’ve put together a few tips that you might like to consider, in no particular order.

Quality, quality quality!

The photo booth is sometimes the only way for your guests to take away a physical memory of the evening. So the quality of the print out is paramount. And not only the print out – the whole experience of using the photo booth should be something they enjoy. Not a surly looking teenager in sight, more interested in their phone than in your guests! You should ask to see examples of their work before you hire them. After all, no one buys shoes without trying them on – right?


Choose the booth you like the look of

When we started out there was pretty much one standard booth and that was it. Sit down, enclosed style booth was it. Now, there’s pretty much a booth for all styles. Open, closed, enclosed, mirror, pod, stand-alone, blow up. As a company we’ve continued to invest in new booths and now offer the three most popular styles of booth. Our favourite? A mirror booth with lots of people in the shot!


Make the booth booking your own! Personalise it with the print layout that reflects you and the theme of your event. Personalise it with green screens. Make the look and feel of the booth itself personal to you. Make sure the prints out the way you want. All these help to make your event yours – and something that everyone else will remember.

Not all booth companies are the same

You get what you pay for in the world. That’s why there’s the Ritz Hotel and the Travelodge chain of hotels. The same is exactly true in every other walk of life. You won’t find a mini that purrs like a Bentley. The same is true in our world. You get what you pay for! And if you find a photo booth company that is cheaper than another – there’s a good reason for that!


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